Is Joey Bada$$ The Future Of Hip-Hop?


This time last year (June 2012) a new young rapper emerged out of Brooklyn, New York.

The name of this new & exciting talent was Joey Bada$$. At just the tender age of 17 he gave us his debut mixtape, 1999.
The mixtape was a mixture of classic hip-hop beats from producers like MF Doom & the UK’s very own Lewis Parker to some fresh & exclusive beats made by fellow Pro Era crew member Chuck Strangers.
When I heard this mixtape for the 1st time I was quite simply blown away.
The overall tone is one full of classic 90s east coast flava.
The stand out single “Hardknock feat. Cj Fly” sums it up for me. A timeless, chilled,
emotional beat (produced by Lewis Parker) with Joey dropping mad verses in a unique flow with all the relevant lyrical content to match.
I couldn’t help but listen to it & think “wow, this kids only 17?
Following the release of 1999 Joey pretty much became a Hip-Hop name over night & when he featured on the “Man With The Iron Fists” cypher at the BET awards we all new he was destined for big things.
Now a year later & he’s nearly ready to drop his debut Album “B4 Da $$” but can he really be the future of Hip-Hop?

The current Hip-Hop scene is a bit all over the place with most rappers jumping on the “Trap” & “Cloud Rap” wave & with this being undoubtedly YMCMBs era as Drake & Wayne have pretty much changed the game.
But with the rise of artists such as A$AP Rocky & Kendrick Lemar & the current “Hipster trends” it seems that the 90s hip-hop sound is trying to a make a return.
All be it, a watered down & more commercial sounding one but never the less, you only have to listen to “Peso” to know that sounds like a 90s east coast hit.
Now I’m a fan of Rocky & when I first heard “LONG LIVE A$AP” I was singing his praises. But it seems the more I listen to Rocky I can’t help but feel he lacks slightly in the lyrical department. Which leads to me my point.
Why I believe Joey Is The Future.

Joey taps into the same market as Rocky as “hipsters & hood kids” all seem to like him. But Joey’s deeper than that.
He raps about the struggles, the hustles & even throws some politics into the mix.
Not only this but he’s already making tracks with Hip-Hop legend “DJ Premier” as they collaborated on the single “Unorthodox” and from what I’ve heard so far from the new album I think Joey can go on to inspire a new era of rappers.
He can show kids that are too young to know about the 90s golden era of rap what real hip-hop should sound like.

So to answer the question CAN JOEY BADA$$ BE THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP? Well only time will tell but he’s definitely on the right track.

Joey Bada$$ – Word Is Bond (Prod. Statik Selektah)


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